Sorry, Too Late hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sorry, Too Late
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: dc |(3Bcd AB GDB,D | GB (3def g2 bf | (3gfe dB cdea | (3gfe (3dcB Adcd |
(3Bcd AB GDB,D |GB (3def g2 bf | (3gfe (3dcB cedc | BGAF G2 :|
|: Bd | (3gag eg (3faf df | gfeg fd {e}(3d^cd | gbag gb (3agf | (3gfe (3dcB Adcd |
(3Bcd AB GDB,D | GB (3def g2 bf | (3gfe (3dcB cedc | BGAF G2 :|]

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Sorry, Too Late

This is Irish. I know nothing about the peculiar title, perhaps the tune is also known by another name?

Re: Sorry, Too Late

On looking for the name, I found this tune should be a hornpipe. Other versions seen have a "dotted" rhythm
unlike this one. "Sorry, too late" is always the name.

Re: Sorry, Too Late

No mention of where you got it [1], but probably O’Neill’s Music of Ireland (1903) as the notes are almost identical (please correct me if I’m wrong). However, in MOI it’s a hornpipe, and with the number of triplets in the tune it much better suits the rhythm of a hornpipe than a reel as you have it. Where have you heard it as a reel?

[1] = I’m not particularly singling you out, Susan. Loads of people here submit tunes with no word of where they came from, which they are perfectly entitled to do. However, it seems that you are interested in the music, so it’s always good to know a source - a record, a player, a book? Entirely up to you, though.

Re: Sorry, Too Late

Seems I should say "Sorry, too late!" - crossposted.

Re: Sorry, Too Late

I’ve a habit of pencilling copies of tunes into small books without much detail of provenance and which dance.
Pity as these things are best recorded!

Re: Sorry, Too Late

I was the same, Susan! I have loads of notebooks and scraps of paper with tunes from here, there and everywhere, but then you never expect some grumpy old geezer asking you where you got them at a later date.

Re: Sorry, Too Late

In a slight thread drift, I have a habit of putting down tune or song names on the back of spent (unsuccessful , usually) raffle tickets. Months later you find them and wonder "What was all that about?" A quick Google or YouTube search will probably find the tune/song that had taken your fancy on that night months ago. Never dispute the power of unsuccessful raffle tickets for throwing up some musical gems!

Re: Sorry, Too Late

Trish, you must have found a safe place to put your raffle tickets with tune names. Glad they survived and
resurfaced. Were they raffle tickets you bought at concerts/gigs?

Re: Sorry, Too Late

A very cheering Irish tune on a cold Glasgow day. Though my fiddle playing is not good enough to do it justice.