The Dancer’s Favourite reel

Also known as The Dancer’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Dancer's Favourite
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
cd |eA ~A2 gfed|ecAc BAGB|AE ~E2 G3 A|BE~E2 GBdf|eA ~A2 gfed|ecAc BGEG
|1Bd~d2 efge|dBGB cA:|2Bdfd efge|dBGB A2|:BA|
M:6/4GBAB dGeG dG~G3|M:4/4 L:1/8dGeG d~G3|M:6/4
~A3 c efec ~A3 c|M:4/4 L:1/8efec dcBA|M:6/4GBAB dGeG dG ~G3 |M:4/4 L:1/8dGeG
dG~G3|1Bd~d2 efge|dBGB cA:|2Bdfd efge|dBGB A2||

Twelve comments

Also Known as "The Legitimate Pure Drop"
Composed by me and dedicated to Phillipe Varlet .

In the ABC I marked some 6/4 bars, but in the sheet music
"6/4" doesn’t appear. Probably Jeremy use a program that doesn’t recognize the changing of meter.


Um… I’m trying to be diplomatic about this tune, but doesn’t it kind of confirm all the allegations about newly composed tunes being different for the sake of it?

It’s kind of gimmicky and, in my opinion, and I intend no offense, it’s also kind of… not very good (to put it mildy).

Gian Marco your a lot better than this, you always pick out good tunes from good sources. But this isn’t so nice…

Guys you’re being a bit harsh, especially given the amount of tunes G.M. has contributed. This is completely a matter of opinion but I think this tune’s really interesting. It does things that trad tunes don’t do but I don’t think it would necessarily sound out of place in a set.

I bet Varlet would love that Lydian 2nd part in particular 😀

Hey G.M. I have Philippe’s e-mail address. You should send him the ABC for this tune - I’m sure he’d appreciate it!

Guys, please try to play this tune some times with an open mind.
It is not so bad (and I didn’t use to be indulgent towards myself and my tunes).
This tune flow from my flute in a very natural way, and I don’t find it gimmiky.
Anyway, indeed I apreciate your frankness. Anyithing is better then silence. ( maybe for somenone silence is better of this tune )

Dow, if you have the Philippe’s e-mail address, send him the tune,
if you want.

Dow’s variations

After Dow’s suggestions the last 2 bars of the first and second part are changed. I modified the ABC, but I the sheetmusic is not updated.
Thanks Dow!

Strange second part

i think that the first part of this tune is brilliant, but the second part isn’t, i don’t like the way it stops and starts again, but it is one of the better moderne raditional tunes i’ve heard, not really suitable for a banjo though.

Strange second part

Liam, after a Dow’s suggestion the end of the first and second part is changed, but the sheetmusic on thesession is not updated.
Please dowload the abc file so you can see it.
( and let me know if you like or not )

Insrument Difference, perhaps?

I realize I’m adding to this discussion super late (I’ve only just joined the group about a week ago), but actually rather like this tune. It doesn’t work very well on my mandolin, but when I play it on my whistle, I agree — it flows right from the whistle. I’m not very good at reading ABC format, so I’m having trouble interpreting the updated version. But, I rather like this tune for my whistle, and wonder if the "appropriateness" of it isn’t more a function of the nature of different instruments.