Halloween strathspey

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X: 1
T: Halloween
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|: c>B | {/B}A2 G>F F2 f>g | {/f}a2 g>f {/e}d3 f | {/d}c3 d cA GF | E>F G>A G2 c>B |
{/B}A2 A>G F2 f>g | {/f}a2 g>f {/e}d3 f | A>B c>d cA GF | A2 F>G F2 :|
|: fe | dc de f>g fe |{/e}d>c d>e {/de}f2 F>G | Ac fd cA GF | {/GA}A2 GA G2 c>B |
{/B}A2 GF dc BA | G>d g>f {/f}e2 dc | ba gf {/f}e2 dc | d>e f>g f2 :|

One comment


In keeping with the season (submitting on 25 October). This tune was published in "Musician’s Omnibus" Vol. 2, p. 112 by Elias Howe of Boston in 1863. Unlike modern tunes by that name, this one is purely major key and has a very pleasant sound to it.