Three recordings of a tune named
Kitty Goes A-Milking
With a tune named
The Flogging

Kitty Goes A-Milking (reel) is also known as Cáit Imithe A Ḃleán, Cáit Imithe An Ḃó A Ḃleán, Kitty Gone A Milkin’, Kitty Gone A Milking, Kitty Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’ Milking, Kitty Gone A’Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’Milking, Kitty Gone A-Milking, Kitty Went A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A ‘Milking, Kitty’s Gone A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’Milking, Kitty’s Gone A-Milking, The Long Hills Of Mourne.

The Flogging (reel) is also known as The Flaggon, The Flagon, Floggan, Floggin’, The Floggin’, Floggin’s, The Floggin, The Humours Of Bantry Bay, Kiss The Gunner’s Daughter, The Newry Lass, Ríl An Lasctha.

Ar Aon Bhuille by Antoin MacGabhann and Hilda Chiasson

  1. Kitty Gone A-Milking
  2. Lucky In Love
  3. The Flogging

Ceol Ar an bhFeadóg Stáin by Donncha O'Briain

  1. Kitty Gone A’ Milkin’
  2. The Flogging

Donncha O'Briain by Donncha O'Briain

  1. Kitty Gone A Milking
  2. The Flogging