One recording of a tune named
Kitty Goes A-Milking
With a tune named
Jim Conroy’s

Kitty Goes A-Milking (reel) is also known as Cáit Imithe A Ḃleán, Cáit Imithe An Ḃó A Ḃleán, Kitty Gone A Milkin’, Kitty Gone A Milking, Kitty Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’ Milking, Kitty Gone A’Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’Milking, Kitty Gone A-Milking, Kitty Went A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A ‘Milking, Kitty’s Gone A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’Milking, Kitty’s Gone A-Milking, The Long Hills Of Mourne.

Jim Conroy’s (reel) is also known as Connie Hogan’s, Connor Hogan’s, Tony Smith’s.

Traditional Music from East Clare by Mary MacNamara

  1. Paddy Lynn’s Delight
  2. Connie Hogan’s
  3. Kitty’s Gone A-Milking