Tom Kaley’s Air barndance

Also known as The Penny Falls.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tom Kaley's Air
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DC|:B,D GB B3 A|G4 d2 GF|E3E/F/ G2D2|D6 DC|
B,D GB B3 A|G4 d2 GF|E3D/C/ D2F2|1 G6 DC:|2 G6 GF||
E2e2 d2 ef|g2 dc Bd2G/F/|E2e2 d2 GF|E2 A2 A2 GF|
E2e2 d2 ef|g2 dc Bd2G/F/|E3D/C/ D2 F2|G6 GF|
E2e2 d2 ef|g2 dc Bd2G/F/|E2e2 d2 GF|E2 A2 A2 GF|
E2e2 d2 GF|E2 c2 B2 GF|E3D/C/D2 F2|G4G2||

Two comments

Tom Kaley’s Air

I learned this tune directly from its composer Gerry Kaley one night in the session at Colpitts Hotel (a small pub) in Durham UK in 1995 0r 6. I think Gerry went on to develop it further and became part of the arrangement of one of Gerry’s (The Penny Falls) songs that was recorded by the great Sean Keane (Never Alone album). This version is an early incarnation but it’s the one that stuck with me, I think Gerry might play it quite differently now.

I’ve always been averse to the use of ABC so have not submitted a tune to this site before but it’s worth the effort to make this tune available.

It’s a great air and only included in the “barn dance” section as it’s closest to that format.