The Hungry Rock jig

By Liam Kelly

Also known as The Hungry Rocks, The Hungy Rock, The Hungy Rocks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Hungry Rock
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
z EB GEB|EFF dAf|z {f}gf edB|ABd EE{F}D:|
z AF AB/c/d|efe dAB|z AF AB/c/d|efg fed|
z AF AB/c/d|efe dAB|z {f}gf edB|AB/c/d ede/f/:|
z EF {F}GFE|EFF {F}GFE|z EF {F}GFE|{c}BGE cEd|
z EF {F}GFE|EFF {F}GFE|z {c}BG Ec(A|d)Ag {f}gfe:|
# Added by Eliot .
X: 2
T: The Hungry Rock
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:"Em"zEB GEB|"D"EFF dAf|"Em"zEB GEB|"D"EFd EFD|
"Em"zEB GEB|"D"EFF dAf|"D"zgf "G"edB|"A"ABd EF"D"D:|
|:"D"zAF ABd|"G"efe "A"dAB|"D"zAF ABd|"A"efg fe"D"d|
"D"zAF ABd|"A"efe "G"dAB|"Em"zgf edB|"A"ABd ed"D"f:|
|:"Em"zEF GFE|"Em"EEF GFE|"Em"zEF GFE|"G"BGE "A"cA"D"d|
"Em"zEF GFE|"Em"EEF GFE|"G"zBG "A"EcA|"D"dAf gf"Em"e:|

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The Hungry Rock

This tune is written by Liam Kelly, and appears on the Dervish CD "Playing with Fire."

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Cool tune.

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It’s a bit different and I like it.
Thanks for the post.

this is also recorded on Dervish’s "Live In Palma"

In A

As a flute player, this sits much better in A than E; the pitch breaks much more nicely on those wide ranging triplets///

Great performance of this on the Dervish DVD: Live at Johnny Fox’s

Guitar chords anyone?

Would anyone happen to have the guitar chords for this tune (in E as listed here)? If so - please send them to me πŸ™‚


Remember, this is Edorian not Emajor. Use your Eminor chords and go from there.

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A suggestion, for those interested:

A: | Em / | Em D | Em / | Em A | Em / | Em D | Em / | G A :|
B: | D / | G A | D / | G A | D / | G A | D / | G A :|
C: | Em / | Em / | Em / | G A | Em / | Em / | Em / | G A :|

ineteresting tune, with the syncopation, heard it on the wooden flute obessesion CD,

What are the markings in the sheet music that look like rests but seem to be "extra"?
I get the rests being at the beginning of most of the measures- for the syncopation, but there are extra markings in some measures that would require more time than the measure has in it?

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They look like grace notes Murph.

That is, they look like grace notes to me, Murph.πŸ™‚ Reviewing the abc file often will clarify problems encountered when reading the sheetmusic unless the file has been edited after the sheetmusic has been posted. In those cases the sheetmusic usually won’t reflect the editing.

About harmony: the band is playing a bit strange sometimes - I can hear G string on left mandolin in the end of the first part, and I don’t feel it is logical. Sometimes they don’t show chords but only the movement.

Any way what I hear if more like this

A: | Em | Hm | Em | D | Em | Hm | Em (can play C ) | Hm) : |
B: | D | G A | D | G A | D | G A | Hm | G A : |
C: | Em | Em | Em | /h /c# /d (A major) | Em | Em | A | A Hm? : |

The Hungry Rocks (plural)

Is a different tune. It’s called "The Hungry Rocks" on James Kean’s album "Heir of the Dog", and is one of "Joe Ryan’s jigs" on "Two Gentlemen of Clare".

Re: The Hungry Rock

16 years ago … sheesh … completely forgot the tune, that I used to be able to play it, that it is a rockin’ tune. Glad folks are enjoying it.

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