Christmas Cassette three-two

Also known as Christmas Cassette #2, Joulukasetti #2.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Christmas Cassette
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
z2DE DCDF A2-AA- |1 AGFG FEDC D4 :|[2 [M:2/2] AGFG F4] |
[M:3/4] |: BA Bc d2 | FE FGA2 | GA GF ED | CD E<A,E2 |
BA Bc d2 | FE FGA2 | GA GF ED | CE D4 :|

Three comments

Christmas Cassette #2

A Finnish tune, played swung and very relaxed. I’ve no idea where the name comes from or if there’s a cassette #1!

Re: Christmas Cassette #2

I thought I’d heard the term before, in a historical sense, and further searching showed that the term "cassette" originally referred to a small treasure chest or box. So if the tune is older than our modern usage of the term, that’s probably what it’s referring to…and would make sense in a Christmas setting!