Liam O’Flynn’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Liam O'Flynn's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3d/e/f/|g2dc BGG2|FGAB cdef|g2dc BGG2|AdcA G3:|
|:dff/e/f dgg/f/g|defd edcA|1 dff/e/f dgg/f/g|fdcA ~G4:|
[2 defg ~a3g|fdcA ~G4||

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Liam O’Flynn’s

This reel was transcribed from the first set on Irish Favourites performed by Moira; the set being listed as Liam O‘Flynn’s reel, the Laurel Tree, and Jenny Picking Cockles. The set always seems to go down well at sessions. There appear to be no notes on the sleeve as to the origin of Liam O’Flynn’s reel, so I am unaware whether it can be attributed to him or not, or whether the tune is known by another name. It is not the same tune as that already listed here as Liam O‘Flynn’s reel, which appears to be a version of the Milkmaid, AKA Tommy Peoples’ reel.

Re: Liam O’Flynn’s

Hello Broomstick,
The cd you mention is of our group Moira. It was relaesed in 1992 as ‘The duchtman over the border’. Later we licenced a record company to sell it as an ‘Irish favoutites’ budget cd. In 1990 Liam O‘Flynn played at the French ’Saint Chartier’ festival, and it was there i made a taperecording of the concert. The reel is one of the tunes he played there, but he didn’t have a name for it. We just named the tune after the person we got it from.

Another tune we heard at the concert also made it on the cd. The jig ‘the humours of Ballingarry’.

If you want more information regarding the cd please let me know!


Guy Roelofs

Re: Liam O’Flynn’s

Many thanks for your comments Guy. Having a bit of background always helps. I like the CD.
And thanks to Kenny for shedding light on the tune itself. It certainly looks like my posting is a variation of “Hold the Reins”.