St Patrick’s Breastplate waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: St Patrick's Breastplate
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
A2 | "Dm"d4 d2 |"F"c2 A2 c2 | "Bb"f2 a2 gf | "C"f2 e2 e2 | "C"g2 e2 c2 | "Am"c2 e2 g2 |
"Dm"f4 f2 | "C"e4 A2 | "Bb"d3 e "Dm"fd | "Am"c2 A2 "Dm"F2 | "Bb"f4 c2 | "Bb"d2 "C"e2 fg |
"F"a4 ga | "Dm"f2 d2 "C"e2 | "Dm"d4 d2 | d4 |] c2 | "F"f4 f2 | "Dm"f4 ga | "Gm"g4 ^f2| g4 a2 |
"Dm" d4 d2 | "Am"c2 e2 g2 | "Bb"f4 f2 | "Am"e4 A2 | "Dm"d4 (3efd |"Am"c2 A2 "Dm"F2 |
f4 c2 | "Gm"d2 e2 fg| "Dm"a4 ga | "Bb"f2 d2 "C"e2 | "Bb"d4 d2 | "Dm"d4 |]

Four comments

St Patrick’s Breastplate

This is a very old traditional Irish tune. Therefore too old to be a waltz! Best known as the setting for Mrs
Alexander’s hymn "I bind unto myself this day the strong name of the Trinity" - words supposedly translated
from the Irish (of St Patrick?) by her. It’s a beautiful tune and should not just be sung in church.

Re: St Patrick’s Breastplate

A bit more about the tune. When the hymn words were written, Charles V. Stanford (1852-1924), set them to
2 traditional Irish tunes, "St Patrick" and "Gartan", taking them from George Petrie’s Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland. I think this is the above tune plus a setting for verses in another metre "Christ be with me, Christ before me" which is often omitted from the hymn. The poem of St. Patrick, also called "The Lorica of St. Patrick" and "The Deer’s Cry", is truly wonderful, the original in Irish can be found on Wikipedia with an English translation. (Can’t do links!) Mrs Alexander followed the text quite closely. One verse here :-

I bind unto myself this day
The virtues of the star-lit heaven
The glorious sun’s life-giving ray
The whiteness of the moon at even.
The flashing of the lightning free
The whirling wind’s tempestous shocks
The stable earth, the deep salt sea
Around the old eternal rocks.

Sorry, hadn’t realised the tune had been worked upon by a composer, but still is good to play…

Re: St Patrick’s Breastplate

hybrid irish tune this. good on piano with chords, or fiddle/flute - altogether dancey and I think you cld learn it for st Patrick’s day mar 17!

Hybrid Tunes

"St Patrick’s Breastplate" is a hybrid tune made up of 2 Irish folk tunes put together by Stanford (classical composer). The tune - posted here - makes a lovely "waltz", though intended as a hymn tune (words by Mrs Alexander translated from St Patrick’s words which are beautiful.

Any comments please?