Hunter’s Moon waltz

By John Doyle

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hunter's Moon
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B,D|"Em"E2>A2 AB|"D"A2 [DA]2 [DA][A,B]|"D"[A,A]2 {G}F2- (F/G/F/E/|"Bm"D2)>B,2 B,D|"Em"E2>"G2"A2 (3ABe|
"D"d2>A2 e<f|"D"~fe d2 ~dc|"Bm"B4 Bc|"G"d2>c2 de|"G"d2 c2 B>(c/B/4|"F#m"A2) F2>A2|"G"B3 ((3c/B/A/ F2)|
"Em"{E/F/}E4 AB|"D"A2 D2 (3FED|"Em"E6|"Em"E4 (3A,B,D||"Em"E4 AB|{A/B/}A2 [DA]2 [DA]B|"D"A2 F2- F/(G/F/E/|
"Bm"D2)>B,2- (3B,B,D|"Em"E2>A2 (3ABe|"D"d2>A2 {/e}f2|"D"~fe d2 ~dc|"Bm"B4 Bc|"G"d2>c2 de|
"G"d2 c2 B(c/B/|"F#m"A2) F2>A2|"G"B2>B2 dF|"Em"E4 AB|"D"A2 [DA]2 (3FED|"Em"E4- EE|"Em"E4 [EA]E||
"A"c2>c2 B<A|"Em"B2 "D/F"E2- (3EFA|"G"B2>A2 (3EFB|"Bm"A2 D2 (3FED|"Em"E2>A2 (3ABe||"D"d2>d2 ef|"D"~fe d2 ~dc|
"Bm"B4 [Bf]d|"G"d2>c2 de|"G"d2 c2 B2|"F#m"A2 F2- (3FED|"G"B2{Bc}B B AF|"Em"{EF}E4 AB|"D"A2 D2 (3FED|
"Em"E4 ([B,E]2|[B,E]2 [B,)E]E (3A,B,D||"Em"E2>d2- (3dcB|"D"A2 [DA]2 [DA][DB]|"D"A2 F3 (3(G/F/E/|D3) B,2 D|
"Em"E2>A2- "G2"(3ABe|"D"d2>d2 ef|"D"~fe d2 ~dc|"Bm"B4 Bc|"G"d2>c2 de|"G"d2 c2 B2|"F#m"A2 F2>A2|
"G"B2>B2 AF|"Em"E4 {AB}AB|"D"A2 [DA]2 (3FED|"Em"E6|"Em"E4 AE|c3 c/d/ (3cBA|"Em"B2 "D/F"E2 D/F/A/D/|
"G"B2>E2 (3EFB|"Bm"A2 D2 (3FED|"Em"E2>E2 ((3ABe)||"D"d2>A2 f2|"D"~!4!fe d2 ~dc|"Bm"B4 BA|"A"[EA]4 (3ABc|
"G"d2 B2- (B(3B/c/B/|"F#m"A2) F2- (3FED|"G"B2>B2 AF|"Em"E4 AB|"D"A2 D2 (3FED|"Em"E2>E2 EE|"Em"E4 [EA]E||
"A"[Ec]2 (d2 (3cBA|"Em"B2) "D"E2 (3FAD|"G"[DB]2>A2 (3EFB|"Bm"A2 "D"D2- (3DFF|"G"G2>F2 (3FED|"Bm"d4 ef|"Bm"~fe d2 "A"~dc|
"G"B4- (3BBA|"A"A4- (3ABc|"G"d2 B2>B2|"F#m"A2 F2- (3FED|"G"B2>B2 AF|"Em"{EF}E4 AB|"Dd"A2 D2 (3FED|
"Em"E4- EE|"D2"E4- (3EBE|"Cmaj7(#4)"B6|"Gmaj7/B"{/D}E4 B,D|[M:4/4] E2 z2 z4||

Five comments

Hunter’s Moon

I wrote this out per request from member Jan Murray in my notation software and offered the PDF. Member callison contacted me and offered and then executed the ABC which was way beyond me. He also gave me the ABC code so I could post - he wanted me to take credit for the transcription so, thank you to callison for his work and for the tutorial on how to execute some of the extras ornamentation you see here. The eight notes are all swung in this tune.

This tune comes from the Liz Carroll, John Doyle album “In Play”. Now that the work is done the tune has really grown on me. It didn’t sit well with me the first few times listening - I think because of the unusual, uneven structure. Liz’s phrasing is as exquisite as always.

Re: Hunter’s Moon

Written by John Doyle.

Re: Hunter’s Moon

Many thanks John and Callison for bringing this lovely tune to the pages of the Session.

Re: Hunter’s Moon

I agree with you John the rhythm is strange at first but the more you play it he better it gets


Re: Hunter’s Moon

I agree that the tune really grows on you. I don’t think the rhythm is so strange but rather just an advanced, unique and beautiful ornamenting style for a ballad by Liz. What I think is truly unsettling at first listen is the unusual form and to a lesser extent, key center modulation. I’ve been meaning to analyze the tune and now that I’m starting to get a handle on it, I’ll give it a try now:
||:A (Em, 16bars):||B (AM (5 bars), A (last 11 bars of A)||A (Em, 16bars)||B (AM (5 bars)A’ (last 11 bars of A(AM chord in 4th m in place of GM)||B (AM (5 bars)A (last 11 bars of A)||
or more simply:
So…thinking further on this, I suggest that the truly unusual and arguably, the thing that confuses our sense of form, is that the B section is equivalent to an A section with the first five bars cut off and replaced with a five bar bit in AM. It certainly is not what we are normally used to.
…and…I argue that it works. But I’m having trouble convincing my playing partners.