The Smiler waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Smiler
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2/c2/|: "G"d2 B2 d2|"C"e4 c2/B2/|"D"A2 A2 G2|"G"D4 G2/A2/|"Em"B2 G2 B2|"D"A2> G2 F2|"C"E6-|E4 B2/c2/|
"G"d2 B2 d2|"C"e4 c2/B2/|"D"A2 d2>c2|"Em"B4 G2|"C"B2>c2B2|"D"A2G2F2|"C"D2/G2/-G2F2|1 "G"G4 B2/c2/:|2 "G"G2B2c2 ||
||: "G"d3|"C"e3|"D"d2g2>f2|"Em"g4d2|"C"e2>d2c2|"D"A2G/2A/2|"Em"B2A2G2 |"C"E2B2c2 |
"1. G""2. Bm"d6|"C"e6|"D"d2g2>f2|"Em"g4d2|"C"e2>d2c2|"D"A2G2F2|"C"D2/G2/-G2F2|1 "G"G2B2c2 :|2 "G"G4 ||

Two comments

The Smiler

Written by Steve Turner of The Eel Grinders

Re: The Smiler

A lovely waltz played on the YouTube clip:

Does anyone have the dots for the other delightful tune on this clip “The Shepherd’s Daughter” – or is this tune known by another name.