Ben Gullion jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ben Gullion
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:Ae<e e2 d|e<gf e2d|B>AG G2 d|B<AB d2e|
Ae<ee2 d|e<gf e2 d|B>AG B>de|1 A3A3:|2 A3A2||
|:B|A>aa a2 g|e<ag e2 d|B>AG G2d|B<AB d2 e|
[1A>aa a2 g|e<ag e2 d|B>AG B<de|A3A2B:|
[2 A<eee2 d|e<gf e2 d|B>AG B<de|A3A2||
|:e|A>eA B>ee|e>gf e>fe|d>BG G2 d|B<AB d2 e|
A>eA B>ee|e>gf e2 d|B>AG B<de|A3A2:|
B|:A>aa e>aa|g>ed e2 g|B>AG G2 d|B<AB d2 e|
[1A>aa e>aa|g>ed e2 d|B>AG B<de|A3 A2B:|
[2A>eA B>ee|e<gf e2 d|B>AG B<de|A3 A3||

One comment

Ben Gullion

Traditional pipe march.
Can’t figure out how to get the dotted notation on here but the notes are there at least.