King Robert The Bruce hornpipe

Also known as Bruce’s March, Robert The Bruce.

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One setting

X: 1
T: King Robert The Bruce
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,| {A,}[DD>]E FD .E.A, .D2|{D}d>c .B/.A/.G/.F/ {D}FEEF|[DD>]E FD G>A B>B|
.A/.B/.c/.d/ .e/.f/.g/.e/ fdd:| .a/.g/|fDaD b(G,G,) b/a/|^gEbE a(A,A,) a/=g/|
fDaD b(G,G,) B,|A,/B,/C/D/ E/F/G/A/ FDD a| d'dDd' b(G,G,) b |
e'b E^g a(A,A,>)C|[DD>]E FD EA, D2|.A,/.B,/.C/.D/ .E/.F/.G/.A/ FDD ||

Seven comments

King Robert The Bruce

Caitlin and Ciarin.

Re: King Robert The Bruce

Outstanding rendition of Robert the Bruce!

Re: King Robeet the Bruce

Fantastic rendition of Robert,the Bruce by CIARÁN and CAITLÍN!

Re: King Robert The Bruce

Composer ?

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Re: King Robert The Bruce

Pipe tune by the looks of it.

Re: King Robert The Bruce

Indeed, composed by James Scott Skinner. There is a detailed transcription by Gavin Greig held in Aberdeen University - see link here :
I first heard this played by Dermot Byrne, who would have been barely in his teens, at Edinburgh Folk Festival in the mid-1980s.
Although Skinner certainly didn’t have the flute in mind when composing this [ or any other melody ] Harry Bradley took up the challenge and has made a great recording of it on flute. Oddly, it’s a tune I have heard played more by Irish musicians than Scottish - more popular in Donegal than Dundee.

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