The House Of Skene march

By James Davie

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One setting

X: 1
T: The House Of Skene
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd|:e3d cBAG|F2A2 E2A2|D2BA CEAc|c2B2 B2cd|
e3d cBAG|F2d2 E2c2|D>FBA GFGE|1 A2A,2 A,2cd:|2 A2A,2 A,2ce||
a3g f2ga|g2e2 e2de|f3e d2eA|c2B2 B2e2|
a2ag gffe|eddc cBBA|GBde cdBG|E2FG ABcd|
e3d cBAG|F2A2 D3D|f3e dcBA|G2B2 E2e2|
a3g fede|f3e dcBc|dBGE DEGB|A2A,2 A,2||

Six comments

The House Of Skene

This is a Scottish 4/4 march (not a barndance - if another tune form is better suited for this please change it!) which I heard on the Orkney compilation by Topic. To be played twice through. I have no idea where it comes from, a google search turns up nothing, no idea why as its a wonderful tune!

Re: The House Of Skene

Composed by James Davie (1783-1857), who published a series of tunebooks in the mid-19th C called ‘Davie’s Caledonian Repository.’ With six volumes (over 800 tunes), Davie anthologised many of the great Scots composers of the previous 100 years. He was a music seller in Aberdeen.

Re: The House Of Skene

Hi graeme. I’m afraid I had a little problem understanding what you were saying in your post, but for your information, the Skene manuscript was said to have been compiled by John Skene of Hallyards, Midlothian (in the early 17th century), rather than being named after the House of Skene.

Your arrangement is lovely.