Music O’ Spey strathspey

Also known as The Music O’ Spey, The Music Of Spey.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Music O' Spey
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A| Jf4 e2{f}ed| A6AA |JBBA B/2d/2-d3 A-|A3 B2c2d- |d3 d4d-|d3 d2-d3 |
Je3-e4a-|a3z2A2Jf-| f3 e{a}ed A2|-A4A2JB2| {c}(3BAB d4A2|z AB2c2d2-|
dd4e3-|ea4d3-|d6z2|A4Jg4-|g{a}gfe2-e3|-e A2 Ja4{c'}a-|a{c'}ag f3 {a}g2|
a2 Jb4 a2-|a2 g3 f3- |fJf6{a}g|fe2z2 Ja2{c'}a|gf4 e2{a}e|
d A4z2A/A/ |JB2{c}BA/B/d4-|A4B2c2|d3d4Je-|e3 a4d-|d6z2|
X: 2
T: Music O' Spey
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
L: 1/4
A2 | Jf2 ee/d/ A2 A2 | ~B>A B<d A2 Bc | d2 d2 d2 d2 | Je4 a2 A2 |
f2 e>d A2 A2 | BB/A/ B<d A2 Bc| d2 d2 e2 a2 | d6 A2||
g2 g g/f/ e3 A | a2 a a/g/ f2 ga | b2 a2 g2 f2 | Jf3 g/f/ e2 a>g|
f2 ee/d/ A2 A2 | BB/A/ B<d A2 Bc| d2 d2 e2 a2 | d6 A2||
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Five comments

Music O’Spey

Beautiful tune played on a Low F whistle by Calum Stewart on his new album, Tales From The North.

Re: Music O’Spey

Note that the rising slides marked as J in the notation don’t appear in the sheet music.

Re: Music O’Spey

Correction. The tune was played on a Low D. Apologies.

Re: Music O’Spey

By James Scott Skinner. Slightly surprised it hasn’t made its way on to this site before (even though this is not an Irish tune ;-)). Usually played in A, occasionally in G. Most often played as a slow air, rather than a strathspey, though we were once asked to play it in a set of slow strathspeys for dancing: afraid it just seemed too fast played at dance speed! Goes well with another of JSS’s tunes, The Flower of the Quern.
Also sounds nice on piano, when you can do a "walkdown" in the left hand against the 4 repeated notes in the right.

The transcription looks a bit odd to me, with all those notes tied across bar-lines. Here is a simple score more like the one I know (as well as being able to get the abc):

Music O’ Spey, X:2

A more conventional transcription of Calum Stewart’s version of this lovely air. A slow 4 (could equally be put in 4/4, but 4/2 makes the tempo more obvious).

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