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One setting

X: 1
T: Mighty Keith O'Neill
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d2BA BAGF|E3G DEGA|BG~G2Bdeg|fdcAG4:|
d2BA BAGF|E3G DEGA|BG~G2Bdeg|fdcAG4|
dggf gbag|fdcB cAFA|GABc d2 Bd|=f3 g fcA2|
dGG^F G2Bd|=fgfcA4|(3de^f eg fdcA|BGAFG4|

Two comments

Mighty Keith O’Neill

Isaac Alderson plays this tune with a lot of different groups. I haven’t heard it anywhere else. I apologize if this is a repeat with a different name!

Re: Mighty Keith O’Neill

From the “Irish Echo:”

“Mighty Keith O’Neill

Last week, Keith O’Neill, one of New York’s most loved fiddle players, passed away. Keith grew up in a musical family in the Bronx, his brother Frankie and his sister Pauline were his musical partners in those days, and all three were members of Martin Mulvihill’s champion Garrai Eoin II ceili band. He found early success in music: in addition to being an All-Ireland winning musician, Keith was a member of the popular group Four to the Bar in the 1990s and more recently lent his talents to groups like Jameson’s Revenge. Keith was also a master plumber and a gifted craftsman who repaired banjos and in fact built three fiddles. He inspired many of the City’s younger musicians, including Isaac Alderson, who named his reel “Mighty Keith O’Neill” for him. Garrulous and gregarious, Keith was an outstanding player whose presence immediately electrified a session. He will be sorely missed.”

So, I guess this is a tune Isaac wrote.