Two recordings of a tune named
The Cocktail
With a tune named
Mary McMahon

The Cocktail (reel) is also known as An Manglam.

Mary McMahon (reel) is also known as Mary MacMahon, Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch, Mary McMahon Of Ballynahinch, Mary McMahon’s, Maureen Glynn, Micho Russell’s, Miko Russell’s, Miss Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch, Noel Hill, Noel Hill’s.

It's No Secret by Hammy Hamilton, Seamus Creagh, Con O Driscol

  1. The Cocktail
  2. Mary McMahon’s

The Three Piece Flute by Desi Wilkinson

  1. Hanly’s
  2. The Cocktail
  3. Mary McMahon