The Road To Glandree reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road To Glandree
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E | A2ce dBGB| A2ce a2gb| aece fdBd| cABG AFGE|
A2ce d~B3| EAce a2gb| aece fdBd| cABG A3:|
B|E2 G/F/E BEGB| eBGB EBGB | A2 c/B/A eAce|aece ~a3b|
aece fdBd|c/B/A BG AGFE | F/G/A dA E/G/A cA | EAGB ~A3:|

One comment

The Road To Glandree > The Road to Glendree

I visited Manus McGuire in his hometown Scarriff, east Clare to pay homage for his and brother Seamus’ inspiration passed to me from my years in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Around his piano, I played a few tunes I had written, and this was one he said he liked.
It’s not a particularly original-sounding fiddle tune, but bright in A major, and the phrase-end at the end of the third line is a bit distinctive, perhaps. Fluters — please forgive for the plentiful G-sharps! Might yet transcribe in Gmaj to suit pipes ‘n such.
Manus had set me up earlier with a elderly guide, Dennis, who took me just above Feakle to Glendree — from where we enjoyed views of the rolling hills. Since I hadn’t had a name for the tune, Manus suggested calling it The Road to Glendree, which suited me just fine.. a nice way to remember the experience!
Some time later, he honored me by recording it.
I’m not sure why it was spelled Glandree on the album, as the town name is Glendree .. For artistic reasons, perhaps?