Waltz For Tich waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Waltz For Tich
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ade|: f3a (3gfe | d3 Adc | B3 A (3GAB |
A3 BAG |F2 A2 d2 | F2 A2 d2 | F3 E D2 |
E3 Ade | f3 a (3gfe |d3 Adc | B3 A (3GAB |
A3 BAG | F2 A2 d2 |1 e3 f e2 | d4 d2 |
d3 Ade :||2 E3 D C2 | D4 D2 | D4 AG ||
|: F3 A (3GFE | D2 FA dc | B3A (3GAB |
A3 BAG |F2 A2 d2 | F3 E D2 | E4 _E2 |
E4 AG | F3 A (3GFE |D2 FA dc | B3 A (3GAB |
A3 BAG | F2 A2 d2 | e3 fe2 |d6 |1 d4 AG :|2 d6 |]

One comment

Waltz For Tich

Jim O’Boyle, longstanding sessioner in Durham (NE England) whose principal instrument is the English concertina, composed this tune and named it for the late Tich Richardson, "untimely taken, fondly remembered and still sadly missed."

Tich was a guitarist and, along with his brother Dave, a member of the seminal band The Boys Of The Lough.