The Long Journey Home jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Long Journey Home
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:Ddd Dee| Ddd cBA| Ddd Dee|c2c BAG|
Ddd Dee| Ddd cBA|cdc BcB|CcC BCA:|

Four comments

The Long Journey Home

This is a Tune that i composed. It is a Jig with the intent of a pipe feel (D - D/C). I composed it on a ScotRail train at 11pm, between Huntly and Inverurie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland). I composed it because the person i was traveling with had fallen asleep, and i was bored. I got out my phone and went onto the piano app and composed the tune on it.

If you do decide to play it with a tonality in the key, it would be prefered in Dmin. I composed this on the Accordion and apologies to Fiddlers as i know it’s got lots of awkward string crossings.

Have Fun,
Duncan Ritchie

Re: The Long Journey Home

Can you supply the actual date of this journey please? The year doesn’t matter, just the day and the month. I’m compiling an index of tunes which relate to different days in the year and I’m trying to find at least one tune for every day of the year. There are just 18 more dates to fill. (For more details of this peculiar project see my profile)

Re: The Long Journey Home

Hi Dave, the tune was written in the 25th June. Thanks for including my tune in your collection!

Re: The Long Journey Home

Thanks for getting back to me with the date. I’ve only just spotted your reply, sorry about that! It’s unfortunately one that I have already covered but no matter.
I now have only 10 days to go.
March 29 / April 3 / June 3 and 13 / July 26 / August 20 / September 5 / October 26 / December 12 and 17.