Hökpers Vals waltz

By Lars Hökpers

Also known as Vals Efter Lars Hökpers.

There are 3 recordings of this tune.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Hökpers Vals
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:A2|d3 (e fa)|g3 (f ed)|^c2 A3 (G|F4) D2|F2 (EF) AG|E4 c2|=B2 (GA) Bd|A4 A2|
d3 (e fa)|g3 (f ed)|^c2 A3 (G|F4) E2|D2 (^CD) EF|A2 G2 FE|F2 E2 D^C|D4:|
|:A2|(AF) (FD) FA|(AF) (FD) FA|A2 G3 (F|E4) G2|(GE) (E^C) EG|(GE) (E^C) EG|G2 A3 (E|
F4) A2|(AF) (FD) FA|(AF) (FD) FA|B2 d3 (c|B4) B2|(Bc) (cB) BA|AG A2 F2|GF E2 D^C|D4:|
X: 2
T: Hökpers Vals
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
[V:T1]|:A2|"Dm"d3 e fa|"Gm"g3 f ed|"A7"^c2 A3 G|"Dm"F4 D2|F2 EF AG|"C"E4 c2|"Gm"=B2 GA Bd|"A"A2- "B"A2 "C#"A2|
[V:T2]|:A2|F3A df|e3d ^c=B|A2 F3E|D4 A,2|A2 GA FD|C4 A2|G2 GE DE|^C4 A2|
[V:T1]"Dm"d3 e fa|"Gm"g3 f ed|"A7"^c2 A3 G|"Dm"F4 E2|"Dm/F"D2 ^CD EF|"Gm"A2 G2 FE|"A7"F2 E2 D^C|"Dm"D4:|
[V:T2]F3A df|e3d ^c=B|A2 F3E|D4 A,2|F2 EF GA|c2 B3G|A2 G2 FE|F4:|
[V:T1]|:A2|"Dm"AF FD FA|"Dm/A"AF FD FA|"Dm/F"A2 G3 F|"A7"E4 G2|"A7/C#"GE E^C EG|"A7/E"GE E^C EG|"A"G2 "B"A2- "C#"AE|"Dm"F4 A2|
[V:T2]|:d2|dA AF Ad|dA AF Ad|d2 e3d|^c4 c2|^cA AE Ac|^cA AE Ac|^c2 d3 c|d4 d2|
[V:T1]"Dm"AF FD FA|"Dm/C"AF FD FA|"Dm/Bb"B2 d3 c|"Eb"B4 B2|"Gm"Bc cB BA|"Dm"AG A2 F2|"A7"GF E2 D^C|"Dm"D4:|
[V:T2]dA AF Ad|dA AF Ad|B2 B3A|G4 G2|G2 A3G|F6|F2 G2 FE|F4:|

Five comments

Re: Hökpers Vals - “Per Gudmundson: Setes - Dalarna” - Topic

Per Gudmundson & Björn Ståbi - 1984 Four Leaf Clover Records


An old and beloved take on this. I had completely forgotten about this lovely waltz until recently catching a twmpath dawns/ceilidh band, “Twmpathology”, playing it for a wedding out on Ynys Môn/Anglesey, Cymru/Wales… It’s one we used to play, and we have several recordings of it, all sweet… I need to reconnect, and consider doing and adding a transcription, maybe of the above lovely take on it…

We both love the two fiddle tradition, and those of Dalarna, Sweden. It pulls you up into the dance and swirls you about…

( Excuse me if I make a mess of this, presently suffering a persistent cough and a very unpleasant sore throat - for over 10 days - but, it’s NOT Covid… The two of us are subjected to lateral flow tests twice a week, and me a guinea pig who gets the PCR as well, now and then… I will survive! Music helps, I only wish it could abolish the pains and this damned coughing. Coughing is exhausting! 😉 )

Re: Hökpers Vals

Beautiful tune.
But, now, Owner of that great session website, I was told a few months ago when I asked you if we could post some Breton abc music, and you told me that the Session website was for Irish music only. So, why do you accept Sweden music tunes too???

Re: Hökpers Vals

There’s an excellent version of this tune on Bandcamp (though they call it Hopkers Vals), on an album called ‘Anybody’s Guess’. They play fiddle, guitar, oboe & a brass section. there is a smattering of Irish/Celtic tunes amongst their 3 albums, eg what starts off as an elegant version of Rambling Pitchfork, which then becomes a jazz tune!