Flower Of The Town jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Flower Of The Town
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
||:E2 E E2 D |E2 E GFE |F2 D DED | DED FED |
E2 E E2 D | E2 E GFE |FGA BAG |1 F2D D2 F:|2 F2 D D2 A ||
|: d2 e fed | c2 a aec | B2 g ged | e2d cBA | d2 e fed | c2 a aec |
Bcd e2 d | c2 A ABA | d2 e fed | c2 a aec | B2 g ged |
efd cBA | d2 e fed | c2 a aec |1 Bcd Bcd | e2 d cBA :|
|2 Bcd e2d | cBA GFE || D3 D2 z ||

Four comments

Flower Of The Town

This jig was composed by Sid Hibbert, originally from Edinburgh and now based in the Durham area (NE England). Sid is principally a banjoist (trad on tenor banjo, American Old-Time on 5-string banjo) but also engages with fiddle, mandolin and guitar.

Re: Flower Of The Town

(8.3.18 - I’ve entered some of the abcs wrong - I intend to be back and correct them soon…)

Re: Flower Of The Town

It’s OK now. The tune happens, indeed, to have an extended second part.

Re: Flower Of The Town

Following a memo from Sid (composer) I’ve corrected some notes in the second part of the tune.
The first two bars of the second part - a group of notes occurring four times altogether in this part - now, correctly, read:
| d2 e fed | c2 a afc |

I had erroneously first entered them as:
| d2 f fed | e2 a afc |