Le Mariage Anglais polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Le Mariage Anglais
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
D2 FE | D2 C2 | F2 G2 | A4 | A>G AB |A3 D | E2 G2 | E4 |
A>G AB | A2 D2 | E2 G2 |F2 E2 | F2 A2 | E4 |
A>G AB | A2 D2 | E2 G2 | FD FE | D4 |]

Three comments

Le Mariage Anglais

The daughter of the French king is to be married to the English king. She says she’d rather marry a soldier than an Englishman. As she departs for her arranged marriage, every woman in Paris weeps for her. On the ship she curses the Englishman.

BUT when she comes to meet her Englishman, she discovers that she is suddenly very attracted to her betrothed!

Re: Le Mariage Anglais

Love this tune, with its minors and odd line lengths. How fast should it be?

There are lots of ways of chording it. I’m using
Dm, Dm/C, F (or Bflat), A7, Dm, F, C, A7
Dm, F, C, A7, Dm, A7
Dm, F, C, A7/Csharp, Dm

Re: Le Mariage Anglais

I think tune may come from Savoy (borders of Italy) though I expect it’s found elsewhere in France. Your chords are fairly like I’d use on piano though the Csharp is novel! I play it not too fast.

I love the proud French princess of the song.