The Long Note slide

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Long Note
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
ded d2B c2A d2B|cBA d2B c2A G3|
ded d2B c2A Bcd|e2a a2g e2d d3|
ded d2B c2A d2B|c2A d2B c2A GFE|
D2E F2G A2d d2^c|ABA G2A E2D D3||
aba a2b a2f def|g2f g2a g2e ^c3|
aba a2b a2f def|e2a a2g e2d d3|
aba a2b a2f d2f|gfe f2d e2d ^c2B|
A2B ^c2d e2d d2c|ABA G2A E2D D3||
X: 2
T: The Long Note
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:DED D2A A2G E2F|G2E EDE c2E d2E|
DED D2A A2G E2F|1 ABA G2A E2A G2E:|2 ABA G2A E2A D3||
ded d2A c2A d2A|c2A d2A c2A G2A|
ded d2A c2A d2g|e2a a2g efe d2A|
ded d2A c2A d2A|c2A d2A c2A G2F|
D2E F2G A2d d2c|ABA G2A E2A D3||
aba a2b a2f d2f|gfg g2a g2e c2e|
aba a2b a2f d2f|e2a a2g efe d2f|
aba a2b a2f d2f|g2e f2d e2d c2B|
A2B c2d efe d2c|ABA G2A E2A G2E||

Ten comments

This is related to the reel of the same name. I have a feeling some people refer to this as a single jig, but it’s listed as a slide on Henrik Norbeck’s, and I think it works well played fast. Eileen Ivers plays a cross between this and “Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie” in slow single jig form on one of her albums before launching into a set of reels.

Thanks Dow for resurrecting this great tune which was popular back in the 70s (Paddy Glackin & Jolyon Jackson I think) but is little heard these days - hopefully this posting will change things!

I personally know only the deisal version and there it is a reel like

This version here has the same melody, but a strange rythm - Is there a slide version recorded somewhere?

Recommendation sought

Anyone recommend a good tune to go before or after ‘The Long Note’? Thanks

Re: Recommendation sought

Do you mean the Slide or the Reel?

Re: Recommendation sought

The Slide.

garret barry’s

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