The Acorn Stomp reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Acorn Stomp
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
"C7" ccd^d e b2 e|aeg a2 ged|"F" AAB=B c a2 f|gfg f2 d"Bb" c2|
d3"Bdim" f2 dc"F"A|cAc"D7" d2 cA"G"F|GFGA =BGA"C7"B|cAB=B c"C7" z3|
ccd^d e b2 e|aeg a2 ge"F"d|AAB=B c a2 f|g^fg=f- f2 c"Bb"^c|
d f2 d fdf"F"d|c f2 c f2"C7" c2-|cfgf afd"F"c|f6 (3f"C7"gf|
|:ecd^d ec=d^d|ecd^d e c2"F" e|fAdA c f2 c|dcAc z cd"C7"^d|
ecd^d ec=d^d|ecd^d e c2"F" e|fcdA c f2 c|dcAc- c2"C7" e2|
ecbe aege|c b2 e a"F"ege|c a2 e gfcA|c a2 f g"Bb"faf|
d f2 d f"F"dfd|c f2 c"C7" f2 cf|ffgf a"F"fdc|f6"C7" z2:|
|:ccde f a2 F|GGFG A c2"F" f|cdAc AFGA|FGDE"C7" c4|ccde f a2 F|
GGFG A c2"F" f|cdAc AFGA|FGE F4"C7" z:|
|:f4- fgaf|cAdA cAFA|f4- fgaf|afga gfdc|
f4- fgaf|cAdA cAFA|fcdA cAFG|AFGE F2 z2:|

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