Norsk Schottis polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Norsk Schottis
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
"Dm"DEFG A2A2|"G"AGBG "Dm"A2F2|"C"FEGE "Dm"F2DF|"A7"ED^C2 "Dm"D4:|
|:"F"FGAB c2c2|"G"cBdB "Dm"c2A2|"C"AGBG "Dm"A2FA|"A7"GFE2 "Dm"F4:|
K: D
|:"D"f2d2 f2ed|"A7"c2A2 A3A|1 ,3"G"GFEF GABd|"A7"c2 A2 A4:|2 ,4 "G"GFEF "A7"GABc|"D"d2dc d2:|
K: Dm
|:"Bb"d4 "C7"c3B|"F"ABAG "Dm"AFDE|1 ,3 "F"F2F2 "Gm"GABG|"Dm"A2A2 "A7"A3A:|2 ,4 "F"F2FG "A7"FED^C|"Dm"D2D2 D2:|

Two comments

Norsk Schottis

Also called the "Three Keyed Schottis" and is similar to, or also called "Bol-Olles Schottis"
We play it at a session in Atlanta, GA

Re: Norsk Schottis

Part A and C are close to "Reinlender", recorded by Folque (1974):

I’m sure I’ve heard the D part (but never the B part). I don’t listen to a lot of Norwegian music (nor Swedish), but the tune must have slipped into my brain at some point.