Nuit Sauvage reel

Also known as La Nuit Sauvage, Le Nuit Sauvage.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Nuit Sauvage
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:f3a gecd|edcA GcAF|D2fa gecd|edd^c dAde|
effa gecd|edcA GcAF|D2fa gecd|1 edd^c dAde:|2 edd^c dz3||
|:BdAB GABd|effa g3g|fgaf gfdf|edce d2dc|
BdAB GABd|effa g3a|a_baf gfdf|1 edce d2dc:|2 edce d4||
|:_B2fB BgBB|afdf edcA|_B2fB BgBB|afdf eeec|
_B2fB BgBB|afdf edcA|a2a_b afdf|1 edce d2dA:|2 edce d4||
X: 2
T: Nuit Sauvage
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
d3c|=BdA^F GD=B,D|fefa g2ga|(3bag af gedg|edcA dcdc|
=BdA^F GD=B,D|fefa g2ga|(3bag af gedg|1 edcA d3c:|2 edcA d3e||
fefa gecd|edcA GcAF|D2fa gecd|eddc d2de|
fefa gecd|edcA GcAF|D2fa gecd|1 eddc d2e:|2 eddc d3A||
B2fB BgBB|afdf edcA|B2fB BgBB|afdf [c3e3]A|
B2fB BgBB|afdf edcA|aeab aedg|1 edcA d2dA:|2 edcA d3c||

Five comments

LA Nuit Sauvage

The French word “nuit” is feminine. Therefore, the correct title is “LA nuit sauvage”.
Where does this tune come from ?
All the best.

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Re: Le Nuit Sauvage

Good point from Moxhe, it should be “La nuit sauvage”, “Une nuit sauvage” or “Nuit sauvage”.

I found a tune by the name “Nuit sauvage” in a web site aimed at Québec and French-Canadian trad music. It is said, in French, that the trad group, well known here, “La bottine souriante” used to play it. “Nuit sauvage” was a perfume name before being a tune. The creator, Michel Bordeleau, was a “perfume maker” and a musician. The perfume never make for the market.

Even if tune" is in F, one can find many similarities with the one publish here. The error in the name may come from a 2006 recording of John Williams and Dean Magraw and classified as Celtic music by Amazon ( It seems that Williams and Magraw did not do proper research before using the name.

Le Nuit Sauvage, X:2

This is the setting of “Nuit sauvage” as it appears in some web sites here in Québec.

Additionnal informations with the abc form of this settings are:

C:Michel Bordeleau

I changed to M=4/4 and L=1/8 to respect the header of the previous setting.

It is worthwhile to note that John Williams & Dean Magraw credit Michel Bordeleau for the composition of this tune:

Re: Nuit Sauvage

The key of the setting I post was suppose to be Dmin. I did not expect that the “K: Ddor” remain in place. Nevertheless, it does not seem the change result from the original.