Vals à Lulu waltz

Also known as Lucile Mineur.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Vals à Lulu
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
"Gm"de dc Bc|"D"A2 DA Bc|dc BA Bc|"Gm"BG D4-|DG AB AG|
"Cm"E2 GE AE|BE AE GE|"Gm"D4 d2|de dc Bc|"D"A2 DA Bc|
dc BA Bc|"Gm"BG D4-|DG AB AG|"D"AD ^FA Bc|dc BA ^FA|
"Gm"G4 G2|G2 AB AG|"Cm"E3 G AB|cB AG AB|"Gm"D3 G AB|
"Cm"cB AG AB|e3 d cB|"A"AG AB AG|"D"^F2 D2 C2|D4 D2|
"Gm"G2 AB AG|"Cm"E3 G AB|cB AG AB|"Gm"D3 G AB|"Cm"cB AG AB|
e2 cA ce|"Bb"d2 BF Bd|"D"^F2 D2 F2|"Gm"G6||
z2 B,2 D2|^F3 F GA|BA G^F GA|G2 D2 G2|B,2 D4|
G2 c2- c2|d2 c2- c2|c2 B4|Bc BA GA|^F4 GA|
BA G^F G2|D2 B,4|B,2 D2 E2|A,2-A,D GA|BA G^F DC|
B,C DE DC|D4 B,2|G,2 E2 F2|E4 F2|B,2 DC B,G,|
EG FE F2|G2 F4|E3 G E2|^F6-|^F2 ^FG Ac|
B2 cd cB|AG E4|G2 E2 F2|G4 F2|G4 E2|
G4 EG|F4 D2-|DE DC B,A,|B,6||
z4 G2|D6-|D4 D2|G,6-|G,4 B,2|
C6-|C4 C2|G,6-|G,4 G,2|D6-|
D4 D2|G,6-|G,4 G,2|D6-|D4 D2|
D2 B,4-|B,4 D2|C6-|C4 D2|G,4 D2|
C6-|C4 C2|^C4 C2|D2 A,4-|A,4 A,2|
G,6|C6-|C4 C2|B,2 G,4|E2 C4|
C2 A,4|B,4 D2|A,4 D2|G,6||
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Two comments

Vals à Lulu

This tune was found circulating around the UK nyckelharpa-playing community. The setting here is a three-part arrangement by the Rude Mechanicals (trio in Sussex, UK). (The melody and first harmony are in the 7 bracketed staves: the lower harmony is in the 7 subsequent single staves, but they are meant to be played together).

I’ve not been able to find out anything about its origin, or about the composer (Jacky Bouchard), or about any recorded versions that may be available. If any visitors to the Sessions site can offer relevant information, I’d be grateful.

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Re: Vals à Lulu

Update: Since the posting above, I’ve found out out that the original name for this tune is ‘Lucile Mineur’ and that the composer, Jacky Bouchard, is/was the accordionist in a French band called ‘La Fusinguette’. There is a delightful rendition at

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