The Galway Piper polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Galway Piper
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|A2 BF|A3 d/c/|BF Bc|B3 e/f/|g/f/e/f/ G/F/E/F/|BA AF/A/|BB B/c/B/A/|FD D2|
A2 BF|A3 d/c/|BF Bc|B3 e/f/|g/f/e/f/ g/f/e/f/|bA AF/A/|BB B/c/B/A/|FD D2||
Ad d>e|dd dc/B/|Af fe|f3 a|be ed|e2 de|1 fA AF/A/|BA AF/G/:|2 fA f/g/f/e/|df d2||
B/A/F/A/ B/A/F/A/|BA AB/c/|dd dB|cB B2|G/F/E/F/ G/F/E/F/|BA AF/A/|BB B/c/B/A/|FD D2|
B/A/F/A/ B/A/F/A/|BA AB/c/|dd dB|cB B2|g/f/e/f/ g/f/e/f/|bA AF/A/|BB B/c/B/A/|FD D2||

Two comments

The Galway Piper

This, The Galway Piper, seems to be a pretty uncommon polka. I learned it from the playing of Matt Molloy, who plays it paired with The Sligo Polka on his album, “Shadows on Stone”. I’ve transcribed it more or less how Molloy plays it on the album, albeit I didn’t have the album on hand when I transfered the tune, and was writing the notation mostly from memory. It’s an interesting polka, and yes, the repetitions of sequences first in the upper octave and then in the lower octave and vice-versa is intentional. The polka doesn’t seem to appear on any other albums except “Shadows on Stone”, though there might be a few albums not listed here that have the tune recorded on them.

Re: The Galway Piper

“The Galway Piper” is an alternative title for “The Rakes of Mallow”, of which lots of settings are posted on The
Session as it’s a terrifically well-known tune. This tune here is not at all like the Rakes of Mallow.

I heard the above tune played last Saturday by a young flute player and it sounded really good. I like the tune a lot although some of the swooping notes feel a bit odd (eg high B to low A, not unpleasantly odd though!). I would be very interested to know how old it is and if a known person wrote it?