Manchester Galop barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Manchester Galop
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|"G"g2g2"B7"f2f2|"C"e>f (3gfe "G"d2>d2|"D7"c>d e>c "G"B>c d>B|"D7"A>c B>A G2 (3def|
"G"g2g2 "B7"f2f2|"C"e2e2 "G"d2>B2|"D7"c>e d>c "G"B>d c>B|"D7"A>c B>A "G"G2>G2||
"G"(3BdB G>d (3BdB (3GBd|"C"g>g f>e "G"d2>d2|"G"(3BdB G>d (3BdB G>B|"A7"A>G A>B "D"A2>d2|
"G"(3BdB G>d (3BdB (3GBd|"C"g>g f>e "G"d2>d2|"D7"c>d e>c "G"B>c d>B|"D7"A>c B>A "G"G3||

One comment

Manchester Galop

The tune for the Manchester Galop dance was collected in the Nariel Creek district, of Victoria [Australia] and published in ‘Collector’s Choice’ vol.1 by Peter Ellis (RIP).

A jig version was previously submitted at but I couldn’t add this original 4/4 music to that entry.

The Old Swan Band recorded it as ‘The Dannish Waltz’ on their ‘No Reels’ LP in 1976.