Shakin’ O’ The Pocky strathspey

Also known as Shakin’s O’ The Pocky, The Shakin’s O’ The Pocky, Shakins O’ The Pocky, The Shakkins O’ The Pocky.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Shakin' O' The Pocky
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D2 C2 B,3D|F3G FD2B,|z3A B2 BA|GA Bc d4|z4 e3c|d3B c3A|B2 G2 F3D|B3D E2 D2|
C2 DC B,3D|F3G F2 D2|B,3A B2 B2|GA Bc d4|z4 e3c|d3B c3A|B2 G2 F2 ED|
E2 C2 B,4|z4 b3f|d3B g2 e2|c2 a2 b2 g2|e2 c2 f4|z2 ga b3f|d3B g2 e2|
c2 B2 "
4"[A2A2] "
4"[AA]B|cf2A B4|z2 f/g/a b3f|d3B g2 e2|c2 a2 b2 g2|
e2 c2 f4|z2 e2 d3B|e3c dc BA|B4 z2 G2|F4 zF ED|FE3 zE DC|B,4 z4|

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Forgive Me

I transcribed this one from the version on “My Roots Are Showing” by Natalie MacMaster. She plays it as slow air, but it is a strathspey, so that’s how I tagged it, lest the purists attack me for corruption of the Scottish nomenclature. Hunt around the web to hear this tune played as a strathspey…the interpretation is interesting. I’m not sure if I gave the right key when submitting it, but it’s transcribed in B flat major.

Grymater, I believe this tune is a composition of Niel Gow (don’t ask which one) and was intended as a ‘slow strathspey’. Thes are tunes, particularly popular among Scottish fiddle composers in the 18th and 19th centuries, which follow the structure of a strathspey, but are played as listening tunes, never as dance tunes. Although they are written in regular metre, they are usually played heavily ‘rubato’ - i.e. not in strict time - much like an irish slow air.

This is an unusual composition in that it is the result of a collaboration between Peter Milne and his more famous pupil J Scott Skinner. The title is a reference to an occasion when both were so poor they had to club together to buy a dram. Presumably they had two straws.

David is right to suggest that it is a strathspey for listening rather than dancing. The original key is B flat.

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Slow Strathspey

it is definitely a slow strathspey