Eleven recordings of Jimmy Lyons

Also known as Francie Dearg’s, Francie Dearg’s Highland, Highlands, Jimi Lyons, Jimmy Lyon’s, Jimmy Lyon’s Highland, Jimmy Lyon’s Highland Fling, Jimmy Lyons’, Jimmy Lyons’ Highland, Jimmy Lyons’ Highland Fling, Miller O’ Hirn, The Miller O’ Hirn, Miller Of Hirn, The Miller Of Hirn, Simi Docherty’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Alice’s, The Bride’s, Casey’s Pig, Castle Bray, The Caucus, Charlie O’Neill’s, The Dark Island, Derry Craig Wood, Dr. Gordon Stables’, Eleanor Neary’s, The Falls Of Altnarie, The Four Provinces Fling, McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, Neilidh O’Boyle’s, Sandy Grant, Skipping Lambs.

  1. Eclection by Gabe McVarish
  2. Last Orders by Liz Doherty
  3. Marie And Martin Reilly by Marie And Martin Reilly
  4. The Call by Rebecca Lomnicky
  5. The Friendly Visit by Paul O’Shaughnessy
  6. The London Lasses And Pete Quinn by The London Lasses And Pete Quinn
  7. The New Shoes by Nuala Kennedy
  8. The Open Road by Steph Geremia
  9. The Road To Glenlough by James Byrne
  10. Thousands of Flowers by Tomoyo Sugai
  11. Up In The Air by Danu