Dolly’s Delight hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dolly's Delight
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
a/g/f |: e2 cA EA cA | FA dA EA cA | DF Bd ce ac' | ba gf e/f/e d/c/B |
e2 cA EA cA | FA dA EA cA | DF Bd cA EC |1 DE GB AB cd :|2 DE GB Ad Bd :|]
cE E/E/E CE cc | dF F/F/F DF d^d | eA ce fe dc | Ba gf e/f/e d/c/B |
|1 cA EA c/B/A ez | dA FA dA fA | Aa gf ec dB | GA Bc Ad Bd :|
|2 cA EA c/B/A ec | dA FA de fd | eg af ec dB | GA Bc Aa gf |]

Two comments

Re: Dolly’s Delight

I’ve got the sleeve notes.
"The Rooney’s, Phil and Michael, gave great support to the music in North Leitrim throughout their lifetime. Their sister Dolly Gallagher continues the tradition as does their respective families. This second tune is a tribute to all of them and Dolly in particular".
I met Phil Rooney once. His nephew [ I think ] was studying in Aberdeen, Phil came to visit and was taken to a session in "Ma Cameron’s" one evening. Lovely accordion player. I seem to remember there is a branch of Comhaltas named in his memory somewhere on the west of Ireland, so he was obviously highly thought of as a musician, and rightly so. As much as I recall, it was great night where all the "old" tunes came out.
This is of course assuming it’s the same fella, but I’m 99% certain that the Phil Rooney we played some tunes with was from Leitrim.

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