One recording of a tune named
Kay Girroir
With a tune named
Old Man And The Old Woman

Kay Girroir (reel) is also known as Kay Gerroir’s, Kay Girrior, Kay Girroir’s, Kay Girror, Kaye Girroir.

Old Man And The Old Woman (reel) is also known as Le Bonhomme Et La Bonne Femme, Le Viellard Et La Vielle Dame, Old Man And Old Woman, Old Man-Old Woman.

Good 2 Go by Scott Macmillan & Colin Grant

  1. Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
  2. The Grey Bob
  3. Kay Girroir
  4. The Marquis Of Queensbury
  5. General Longstreet’s
  6. As A Thoiseach
  7. Strictly Sambuca
  8. Old Man And The Old Woman
  9. Little Donald In The Pigpen