Kyloe Burn reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kyloe Burn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: d2 |"G" g2dg "C" ecce|"G"d2Bd gdBd|"Am" (3cdc Ac "G" BGGB |"Am" cAag "D7"fddf
|"G" g2dg "C"ecce|"G"(3ded Bd gdBd|"Am" (3cdc Ac "G" BGag |"D7" fdef "G"g2 :||
||a2|"G" b2gb "D7"affa |"Em"(3gag eg "D"fddf |"C" ecce "G" dBBd |"Am" cAag "D7"fdfa |
|"G" b2gb "D7" affa |"Em" (3gag eg "D" fddf |"C"ecce "G"dBag |"D7"fdef "G" g3 a |
|"G"b2gb "D7" affa|"Em"(3gag eg "D" fddf |"C"ecce "G" dBBd |"Am"cAag "D7" fdef |
|"G" g2dg "C"ecce|"G"(3ded Bd gdBd|"Am" (3cdc Ac "G" BGag |"D7" fdef "G"g2 :||

One comment

Kyloe Burn

Quite a well known Willy Atkinson tune from Northumberland which I was surprised to see does not seem available in abc. As always, its more of a rant than a reel so let swing a bit. Its most definitely two beats to the bar but each beat is more um chug-ga than diddle liddle