The 2 AM Turtle Patrol jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The 2 AM Turtle Patrol
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
BBB gBg|bgg gfe|eff fef|gfg fec|
BBB gBg| bgg gfe| fef geB|cee e2 c:|
a2 g fga|bgg gfe|eff fef | gfg feg |
a2 g fga | bgg gfe | fef geB |cee e2 g|
a2 g fga | bgg gfe| eff fef | gfg fec |
BBB gBg| bgg gfe | fef geB |cee e3||

Three comments

The 2 AM Turtle Patrol

A beautiful jig written by Alistair McCulloch "composed following a late night party on St Pete’s beach, Florida. The headlights coming along the beach at 2 AM belonged to the local constabulary and not the turtle watchers as first thought!"

Re: The 2 AM Turtle Patrol

Just stumbled upon this tune when querying the database for a random one. Very nice jig! I do like E major tunes a lot for some reason…

Parts of this do remind me of a tune which I can’t put a name to but will link to when I find it… I think it’s in F instead of E. Another key I like.

Re: The 2 AM Turtle Patrol

The tune I’m thinking of is in fact a Cape Breton jig in F called "Buddy’s Detour", composed by David Greenberg. It’s not actually very similar to this tune at all, but the "fef|gfg fed" phrase reminded me of it.