One For Sorrow waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: One For Sorrow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
(3D=E^F|:"Gm"G2 G3/^F/ G3/A/|"D"^F2-^F3/D/ (3D=EF|"Gm"G2 G3/^F/ G3/A/|
B3/A/ G3/^F/ G3/A/|"Bb"B2 B3/A/ B3/c/|"F"A2-A3/c/ B3/A/||
[1 "Eb"G2-G3/B/ A3/G/|"Dsus4"G2 ^F2 (3D=EF:|2 "Eb"G2-G3/B/ "D7"A3/^F/|"Gm"G2-G3/A/ Bc/||
"Bb"d2-d3/B/ e3/d/|"F"c2-c3/A/ d3/c/|"Gm"B2-B3/G/ c3/B/|"D7sus4"(3BcB "D7"A2 D2|
"Eb"E2-E3/F/ G3/E/|"Gm"D3/G/ B- B3/ d/ z|d3/e/ d3/c/ c3/B/|"D7"B2 A2-A3/d/|
"Eb"e3/d/ c3/B/ A3/G/|"D"^F3 z d3/e/|"D7"d2 A2 c3/d/|"Gm"c3/B/ G2-G3/A/|
"Eb"B2 E2 B3/c/|"D"B3/A/ ^F2-^FG|"D7"A3/B/ c3/B/ (3AG^F|"Gm"G4||
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One For Sorrow

This is a companion piece to one of the tunes on this site called ‘Two for Joy’ (but not the other one) and was heard last year at a session in Sussex. I ‘m told it’s by Paul James of Blowzabella. Allocation of chords is mine: other harmonic choices are available.

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