St. Andrew’s Flight reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: St. Andrew's Flight
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
B3A BdAG | EFED E4 | B3 A Bd(e2 | e2) de fedA |
B3A BdAG | EFED E4 | BABd ABAG |1 EFED E4 :|2 EFED E2 Bd ||]
|: eB~B2 eBgB | fB~B2 gBaB |bB~B2 aB~B2 | gBbBaBgB |
eB~B2 eBgB | fB~B2 gBaB |bB~B2 aB~B2 |1 gfef gfef :|2 gfed e4 |]

Seven comments

Re: Franzke En Français

Tune names in the video supplied: Le Reel de Violon du Monte en Vielle (aka Fiddle Tuned Like a Viol) / St. Andrew’s Flight (Calum Pasqua) / Dionne Reel (aka Cinq Jumelles)/ Franzke’s Reel (Darren McMullen)

Re: Franzke En Français

Does someone have ABC for the first tune in this set? (Le Reel de Violon du Monte en Vielle)

Re: Franzke En Français

No luck finding it Joshua. Read that it’s traditional.

There’s also a few YouTube videos of it you could also check out, specifically, one with André Brunet, David Boulanger and Jean-François Branchaud, and another with Katie Davis Henderson. It goes by a few names it seems, "Le Reel De Violon Du Monte En Vielle", "Le Reel De Violon Du Monde En Veille", "Le violon accordé comme une viole", and "Reel du Violon monté en Vièle".

Re: St. Andrew’s Flight

Good looking out, Jeff!

Re: St. Andrew’s Flight

You’re welcome! Hopefully my rough transcriptions help.