Two recordings of a tune named
The Green Gates
With a tune named
The Glass Of Beer

The Green Gates (reel) is also known as The Green Gate, Na Geata, Willie Reynold’s, The Women’s Rock.

The Glass Of Beer (reel) is also known as Chase Her Through The Garden, Flight Of The Earls, Johnny Maguire’s, The Jug Of Beer, Listowel Lasses, MacFadden’s, McFadden’s, Sean Ryan’s.

Patchwork by Sláinte

  1. Dandy
  2. Sligo Dandy
  3. Green Gates
  4. Flowers Of Red Hill
  5. Glass Of Beer

Twos And Threes by Murphy Roche Irish Music Club

  1. Jackie Coleman’s
  2. The Green Gates
  3. The Glass Of Beer