Two recordings of
The Green Gates
The Bag Of Spuds

The Green Gates (reel) is also known as The Green Gate, Na Geata, Willie Reynold’s, The Women’s Rock.

The Bag Of Spuds (reel) is also known as An Mála Fataí, The Bag O’ Spuds, The Bag Of Potatoes, Cruit Ṗrátaí, The Gipsy, The Gypsy, The Ladybower, Ladybower’s, Ladybowers’, Sligo Dandy.

Michael Sexton Ceili Band, Volume 2: Mad to Dance by Michael Sexton Ceili Band

  1. The Woman Of The House
  2. The Bag Of Spuds
  3. Green Gates

Patchwork by Sláinte

  1. Dandy
  2. Sligo Dandy
  3. Green Gates
  4. Flowers Of Red Hill
  5. Glass Of Beer