An Islay jig

Also known as Cailllach Nan Gibran.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: An Islay
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
e/d/|c2 A A2 a|ecA A2 d|c2 A A2 a|c>de e2 d|
c2 A A2 a|c>de A<Ac|B<Bg gfg|d3 e2:|
|:e|c>de a3|c>de ede|g3 f2 d|e3 g3|
[1c>de a3|c>de edc|B<Bg gfg|d3 e2:|
[2agf gfe|fed edc|B<Bg gfg|d3 d3]||
X: 2
T: An Islay
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
d|c2 A AAA|ecA A<Aa|c2 A AAA|e3 e2 d|c2 A AAA|ecA A<Ac|
B<Bg g>dg|1 d3 e2:|2 d3 c2 B||A<Aa a>da|c2 e e>de|A<Aa a>da|e3 e2 d|
c2 a a>da|c2 e edc|B<Bg g>dg|d3 e2 d|c2 a a>da|c2 e e>de|
A<Aa a>da|e3 efg|agf g2 e|fed c2 A|B<Bg g>dg|d3 d<dg||
|:f2 d dfd|afd d2 g|f2 d dfd|a3 a2 g|f2 d dfd|afd d<df|
e2 c cec|g3 efg:|agf g2 e|fed c2 A|A<Aa a>da|e3 efg|
agf g2 e|fed c2 A|B<Bg g>dg|d3 ddg|agf g2 e|fed c2 A|
A<Aa a>da|e3 efg|a>da g>dg|f>df ecA|B<Bg g>dg|d3 e3||

Ten comments

An Islay

From J Murray Neil’s The Scots Fiddle (1991).

Re: An Islay

In William Ross’s pipe collection of 1875, this is described as "very old". I’m hearing the tune in my head played by a group, but I can’t quite place it…

Re: An Islay

I think what I’m thinking of is "The Chorus Jig" (also known as "Caillach nan Gibran" or "The Herring Wife"). I think I’ll add it for comparison.

An Islay, X:2

X:2 is a setting from William Gunn’s pipe collection of 1848, where it goes under the title "Caillach nan Gibran" ("The Herring Wife"). Another name given is "The Chorus Jig". I’ve added it for comparison, as there are so many similarities with "An Islay Jig".

Re: An Islay

In both comments above, the title should be "Caillach nan Giuran".

Re: An Islay

Should "Caillach nan Giuran" be given as an alternative title? There are certainly great similarities.

Re: An Islay

Good tune

Re: An Islay

solidmahog : yes, a great dance tune from Islay, makes you want to go there…

Re: An Islay

I don’t think this is from Islay. It’s a version of the Herringwife - which itself is a pipe version of the very old "Chorus Jig", as Nigel points out. Islay is still worth going to all the same!

Re: An Islay

Perhaps Herringwife jig travelled to Islay and got adopted there (you never know).