Pentland Hills waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pentland Hills
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B>A|G2 G2 d>c|{c}B4 g>f|e2 efgd|{c}B4 Bc/d/|G4 GA/B/|
E3 e dc|B2 cB "tr"A2 {GA}|G4:|B>A|G>A B2 g>f|e3 d B2|
g2 fef^d|e4 ef|g2 d2 {f}e2|edcBAG|d2 edcB|{B}A4 G>F|
E>F G2 d>c|{c}B2 B2 gf|e2 efgd|{c}B4 Bc/d/|G4 GA/B/|
E3 e dc|B2 c>B "tr"A2 {GA}|G4||

Five comments

Pentland Hills

Pentland Hills are near Edinburgh. Tune’s by James Oswald (18th C). More of a slow air than a waltz.

Re: Pentland Hills

It certainly is a beautiful air, and thank you Nigel for the chords. I use Band in a Box to set up harmonies for my students who like to play Celtic music, and your arrangement is perfect.

Re: Pentland Hills

Thanks also from me, to both Susan and Nigel, for this tune: living in close vicinity to the Pentland Hills, it’s a "must learn" for me!

Re: Pentland Hills

Truly a beautiful tune.
This tune is a part of Caledonian pocket companion, a collection of trad Scottish tunes gathered and Arranged by Oswald. I think that it is not entirely unfair to say “Oswald Tune”, as the book by himself seems to be the only known source of the tune. Precisely though not his composition.,_James)