Joe Madden’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe Madden's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GE|DEGA ~B3d|e g~g2 ed(3Bcd|edBd ~g3d|egdB ABGE|
DEGA ~B3d|eg~g2 ed(3Bcd|egdB ABGE|DEGA BG:|
|:G2|dg~g2 a2ge|dg~g2 edBd|~e3d ~g3d|egdB ABGE|
[1d~g3 e~a3|eg~g2 ed(3Bcd|egdB ABGE|DEGA BG:|
[2DEGA ~B3d|eg~g2 ed(3Bcd|egdB ABGE|DEGA BG|

Nine comments

Source: Seanus Egan
Transcription: g.m.p.

Seamus recorded this tune when he was 16 ( sigh! *) on his first album , and he wrote on the inner notes he found it "…on a cassette recording of Joe Madden and Kack Coen. Joe is a Box player, originally from County Tipperary……….Jack is A Galway Flute player, now also living in New York. "

The meaning of the "sigh" is:
Why I’m so old? Why I play so badly? Why I don’t throw away the flute and buy a bodhran?

I call this tune "Joe Madden’s", waiting for the real title.

and I play it before "Mullinavat".

Kack Coen is Jack Coen.

Dunno the name but I bet if you started playing this at a session, everyone would play the Road To Rio over the top of it. Nice tune tho’.

Think this tune is much nice than road to rio tho. Great submission Gian.

Joe Madden is actually from Galway like Jack Coen and happens to be Joanie Madden’s (of Cherish the Ladies) father.

I imagine there might be more than one Joe Madden. The two names are common enough.

joe madden’s reel

hey guys….

yes, this tune is associated with my father…. it’s a tune he learned from the playing of the great donegal fiddler johnny doherty’s…
joanie madden