Frank Gilruth hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Frank Gilruth
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E/>D/|C/>E/A/>c/ d/>B/G/>B/|A/c/e/>g/ {g}ae/>c/|d/>f/B/>d/ c/>e/A/>c/|(3d/c/B/ (3c/B/A/ (3G/F/E/ (3D/C/B,/|
C/>E/A/>c/ d/>B/G/>B/|A/>c/e/>g/ {g}ae/>c/|d/>f/B/>d/ c/>e/A/>c/|d/>B/G/>e [EA]:|:
c'/>d'/|e'/>c'/a/>c'/ d'/>b/g/>^b/|c'/>a/f/>^a/ b/>g/e/>g/|a/>f/d/>f/ e/>c/A/>c/|(3d/c/B/ (3c/B/A/ (3G/F/E/ (3D/C/B,/|
C/>E/A/>c/ d/>B/G/>B/|A/>c/e/>g/ {g}ae/>c/|d/>f/B/>d/ c/>e/A/>c/|d/>B/G/>e/ [EA] :|

Two comments

Frank Gilruth

Another interesting hornpipe composed by J. Scott Skinner from Banchory.

Re: Frank Gilruth

Peter Milne also wrote a strathspey and a reel with the same name. The subject, Frank Gilruth, was born in Sanquhar near Gartly, Aberdeenshire in 1853. He studied teaching, spent a little time in Edinburgh, and in 1882 he went to work at Dumfries Academy until his death in 1915. He was a fiddler and a great admirer of James Scott Skinner (and, I’m guessing, Peter Milne), and he composed tunes in the Scots idiom, mostly hornpipes. His slow air "Farewell to Gartly" was published in Skinner’s Harp & Claymore Collection (1903) and four of his tunes were published elsewhere in 1904 and 1910.

Gilruth was also an amateur artist, and a collector of postcards, many of which had tunes written on their reverse (as an example, see for a tune by Scott Skinner in his own hand).

Peter Milne’s reel "Frank Gilruth"