O Mother What Shall I Do waltz

Also known as O Dear Mother What Shall I Do.

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One setting

X: 1
T: O Mother What Shall I Do
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
]|: D3 E D2 | F2 A2 B2 | d3 ef>e | "tr"{e}d3 B A2 | d2 B>d A>d | B4 b2 | a2 ba gf |
"tr"e4 {de}d2 | "tr"{G}F3 E D2 | F2 A2 B2 | d2 d>e f>e | "tr"d3 B A2 | ~B3 c d2 |
"tr"A2 {G}F2 A2 | B>c d2 F>G | "tr"{F}E4 D2 :||: f>g a2 a2 | ag f2 a2 | b2 a2 g>a |
"tr"{g}f3 e d2 | f>a b2 b>c' | "tr"b4 a2 | d2 d>e f>g | "tr"{g}e4 d2 | "tr"fe de fg |
a>g f2 a2 | b2 "tr"a2 g2 | a>g "tr"f>e d2 | B3 c d2 | "tr"A2 {G}F2 A2 | B>c d2 F>G |
"tr"{F}E4 D2 :||

Three comments

O Mother What Shall I Do

18th century air, set by James Oswald for his "Sonata on Scots Tunes". This version is from Francis Barsanti "A Collection of Old Scots Tunes". From title it sounds like a song?

Re: O Mother What Shall I Do

As unlikely as it may seem, this very old tune is strongly related to several other later tunes, including "The Braes of Auchtertyre", "Miss Monaghan’s Reel" "Paddy Cronin’s Reel" and "Billy in the Low Ground".

Re: O Mother What Shall I Do

The following comes from website burnsscotland.com - Scots Musical Museum. For the song it mentions many word settings. And it confirms what Nigel says about later related tunes with different names (incl. The Braes of Auchtertyre)!

"Volume III, song 236, page 245 - ‘Tune, O dear mother, what shall I do’ - Introduction:
Verse 1:
‘O dear Peggy, love’s beguiling,
We ought not to trust his smiling;
Better far to so as I do,
Lest a harder luck betide you.
Lasses, when their fancy’s carries,
Think of nought but to be married,
Running to a life destroys
Hartsome, free, and youthfu’ joys.

There is also an accompanying set of old words, the first verse of which reads, ‘O dear minny, what shall I do; / O dear minny, what shall I do; / O dear minny, what shall I do; / Daft thing, doylt thing, do as I do.’ The tune to this piece proved to be fairly popular and had many sets of words written to it. It was also turned into a reel tune to accompany Strathspey’s. Versions of both the tune and lyrics can be found under the titles, ‘The Braes of Auchtertyre’, ‘How can I keep my Maiden-head’, ‘Lennox’s Love to Blantyre’ and finally ‘O, Minie’."

Above website is very good for finding Burns songs - shown as they were published in the Scots Musical Museum.