Anne’s polka

Also known as Annagh, Annas.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Anne's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dg Bd|AA/B/ cA|fa df|gG/A/ BA/G/|dg Bd|AA/B/ cB/A/|fa df|gg g2:|
B/c/d/e/ d/B/c/A/|BG GF/G/|AE FD|BG G/F/G|B/c/d/e/ d/B/c/A/|BG G/F/G|AE FD|GG/F/G2:|
B/B/B/B/ Bd|dc c/B/c|A/A/A/A/ Ac|cB BD|B/B/B/B/ Bd|dc c/B/c|A/B/c/d/ eF|GG G2:|

Two comments


A wonderful old polka, found in the Reilly MSS collection of Toome, Drumreilly, transcribed by John Magoohan.

Re: Anne’s

Sounds like a real continental polka - like played here in Switzerland. 3rd part is a trio with changed mode, that’s not so cpmmon in Eire but in the alps this is the rule.