Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"D" DE FG|AG FE|DE FG|"A" A2 A2|
"D" DE FG|AG FE|DE FD|"G" G2 G2:|
"G" dB AG|"D" BA A2|DE FG|BA A2|
"G" dB AG|"D" BA A2|DE FD|"G" G2 G2:|
"D" A2 Af|ed "G" Bd|"D" A2 Af|ed "G" B2|
"D" A2 Af|ed "G" ef|"A" A2 a>f|"D" ed d2:|
"D" fa "A" e>f|"D" ed "G" Bd|"D" fa "A" e>f|"D" ed d2|
"D" fa "A" e>f|"D" ed "G" Bd|"A" A2 a>f|"D" ed d2:|
"D" DF AF/A/|dc Bc|"A" EF GE/G/|"D" BA F2|
"D" DF AF/A/|dc Bc|"A" EF GE|"D" DF D2:|
"D" fA fA|fA f2|"A" eA eA|B/c/d e2|
"D" fA fA|fA f2|"A" eA B/c/d|"D" ed d2:|

Seven comments

Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

I am currently studing the Irish Banjo. After transfering a few jigs, polkas and reels from my F-mandolin to the banjo, I then decided to work seriously with “The Complete Guide to Learning: The Irish Tenor Banjo” by Gerry O‘Connor“. On page 21 there is a tune simply called ”Polka in G“ that is supposed to be well known. I search for a while the web for a more proper title. I finally found it by using folktune finder ( ) . I wrote the ”14 first“ notes without specifying the length and ”bang" it was the first on the finding list. It was said to be called Polka’s (``Boer daar ligt een kip’’) but the result was in the key of D. Nevertheless it is essentially the same tune in different keys with much less variations in the teaching tune.

As some other polkas, it is very simple, almost childish. But, it becomes interesting with variations and speed.

I feel that it was the tune that stiofan777 was asking the name some years ago. .

Re: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

Well, the title seems to be more Nederlands that Irish’s Gaelic. But folktune finder said it was Ireland as the origine of the tune. Still looking if there is another name for that tune.

Re: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

It’s 3 Irish polkas stuck together. I’m not good on polka names, but they will all be here already, I’m sure. One or more may be more usually played in “A”.

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Re: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

Yes, you are right Kenny.

Again with “folk tune finder”, I found that one of them as many similities with Terry Teahan’s polka. The other looks very much like “The Newmarket polka”. But again I am still without name for the first part.

So we found a set of polkas of instead of finding the name for one.
Look like I am making noise. Should we remove the setting?

Still, I would like to know the name of the first part.

Re: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

Thanks for your observations Creadur. It puzzle me that first part was qualified as well know in the Gerry O’Connor’s Irish Tenor teaching book.

Re: Boer Daar Ligt Een Kip

"Boer daar ligt een kip in ‘t water’‘ is the title of a well-known Dutch children’s song. The first few bars are a variation of this song. The song consists of this single line (with an added ’boer’ when the scale descends again) The song is about someone pointing out to a farmer that a chicken is lying in some water. Farmers, chickens and water are common in the Netherland, but it being a very short song, we never find out how this incident ended.