Appleby Fair jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Appleby Fair
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFA dcd|AFA BGE|DFA def|gfg e3|
DF/G/A d3|AF/G/A G2 E|afd efg|ABc d3:|
|:fef d2 f|B2 d A3|FGA Bcd|fed e2 a/g/|
fgf efe|dfd B2 d|FF/G/A Bed|cBc d3:|
X: 2
T: Appleby Fair
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|DF/G/A d3|A^GA B=GE|DFA d2 f|gfg ecA|
DFA dB/c/d|AF/G/A [BG][GE][ECc]|afd e>fg|ABc d2:|
|:a/g/|f2 a d2 f|B2 d A3|FGA BB/c/d|faf e3|
faf e/f/ge|dfd B3|FF/G/A B>ed|c^Bc d2:|

Five comments

“Appleby Fair”

This first transcription is based on one in the collection “Furness Tradition Tunebook” (the first of two volumes), compiled by Mike Kermode, January 2001, page 11… Variations added include, the A-part, bars 5 & 6, variants of bars 1 & 2; and the B-part, bar 7 as a variation of bar 3… This is just to open as a comparison to the transcription to follow.

Here’s where you can order the two volumes of the collection “Furness Tradition”:

A recording of this tune is also available on The Lakeland Fiddlers’ CD “One Big Fiddle”, track 15:

X: 2 “Appleby Fair”

Two friends who regularly visit The Lakes brought this back down with them recently and were entertaining us with their rendition on concertina and whistle. While trying to pick it up from them on the first go I caught myself under the influence of other melodies, like “Father Dollard’s Favourite Jig”:
& others. But, they returned with it again and helped me avoid other melodic distractions and with their patience and my concentration, and slowing it down a little, I managed to stay the course. But, that siad, once it was under hand and in mind I found it nudged me a few different ways and I went with them, as shown here, not far off course, not jarringly, but half step here and there, a step on occasion, and a few thirds? Anyway, here is a digest via transcription of some of those ways it took me naturally, after getting familiar with it in what might be called its raw form, as shown in the previous transcript. The two accidentals, the G# in the second measure of the A-part, and that concluding C natural (c^Bc) , those just happened, seemed to fit the moment… Any way you choose to cut it, I’ve enjoyed playing this little ditty, including with variations and ornamentation, the latter not notated…

“Father Dollard’s Favourite/Favorite Jig” - the right link! 😏

Oops! I linked to the wrong “Father Dollard’s Favourite Jig”… Here’s the one I’d intended:

Another variant accidental, the first measure of the B-Part:
|: a | f^ef d2 f | - - -