Gan Ainm jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gan Ainm
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
B | c2A ABG | A2B c2e | dcA AGA | age d2 e |
c2A ABG | ABA cde | dcA AGA | age d2:|
g| egg egg | egg aeg | aef edc | Age d2g |
egg egg | egg aeg | aef edc | Age d2 :|

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Gan Ainm

This is a tune that’s played regularly in a session I go to, and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere; I’ve tried doing an ABC search here and on, and nothing it comes up with is even close to this. Anybody got any leads?

Re: Gan Ainm

The Reverend’s Tune Finder suggests this.

T:Bolt the Door
N:"Collected by Delaney"
B:O’Neill’s 957
Z:Transcribed by Dan G. Petersen,
g2f|ecA A2B|G2E E2B|c2A B2G|A2B c2d|
ecA A2B|G2E E2B|c2A B2G|ABA A2:|
B|cBA G2B|e3 d2B|c2A B2G|A2B c2d|
ecA A2d|e3 d2B|c2A B2A|G3 g2e|
cBA G2d|e3 d2B|c2A B2G|A2B c2d|
ecA A2d|e2a a2^f|g2e d2B|A3|]



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Re: Gan Ainm

I can hear a few similarities there, but IMO not quite strong enough to call it the same tune. I’ll keep looking! More suggestions welcome.

Re: Gan Ainm

I asked the fellow who plays the tune for where he got it, and he can’t remember. He said he thought it might have originally been a reel, in case that’s a clue for anyone.

Re: Gan Ainm

Maybe ask him/her to give it a name, as a place holder or way to identify for now?